Want to work at RDX? You should.

It’s fun to work here, and fun is good.

But first, it would be apropos to cover the things that you should know.

A Financial Revolution is Already Underway

The current global financial system manages over $400 trillion in assets, and does so entirely in isolated silos running proprietary technology stacks, relying on enormous levels of human process in order to conduct business between parties. Decentralized finance (DeFi) offers a quantum leap forward, making it possible to conduct those same interactions (and many new ones!) programmatically, on a completely interoperable platform.

The nascent DeFi space already represents over $200 billion in assets and is growing at a furious pace, with another $200 billion predicted in the next two years (and if we haven’t updated this page in the last week, then those numbers have only gotten higher).

Companies around the world are waking up to the magnitude of the opportunity presented by DeFi, and banking services are being rapidly unbundled, but there’s a problem…

Existing Smart Contracts Are Slow & Unsafe

Current DeFi app development is about as safe as finding a syringe on the ground and sticking it in your arm. Fundamental design choices on existing ledgers have created an ecosystem where even the simplest of programmable monetary interactions are fraught with peril. Platforms capable of handling a paltry ten transactions per second are groaning under the weight of soaring demand. And yet people are building and building, because they don’t have an alternative.

We went back to first principles to design a network and programming model which provides both safety and high throughput. And we’re providing the on- and off-ramps to get existing assets into the system, regardless of where they started.

But perilous smart contracts aren’t the only things we threw out…

There Are Things You Won’t Find at Radix

You won’t find that you have to carry anyone.  In fact, you’ll be surrounded by so many ferociously intelligent and motivated people that you’ll sometimes wonder how you got here.

You won’t find stubborn people wedded to their own ideas.  This is a place where we have to collectively think through some terribly difficult problems, and everyone has had their theories and suggestions poked full of holes.

You won’t find days filled with meetings, or people who talk just to hear themselves speak.

You won’t find any warring camps, internal politics, or battles over budgets.  Everyone is pulling on the same oar, and there is absolute clarity on how your individual work is critical to the mission.

You won’t find any hand-waving on the subject of how to take the product to market.  At Radix, business plans are just as important as technical ones.

Join the Fight Today!

Strong hearts and minds are needed for the battle ahead! The Cerberus model of consensus will not be easily summoned, and the fight for great Scrypto has only just begun.

Enlist with Radix and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere, while looking forward to our quarterly summits where we all meet up somewhere in the world and let our collective hair down during a week of planning, hacking, and festivities.

Though geographically diverse, we are an exceptionally close-knit team. We count on each other, and we take comfort in knowing the team is always there to step in and take up the load when we run into trouble.

Whether you’re a marketing genius, a keen-eyed tester, a battle-hardened DevOps veteran, or a brilliant engineer, we need your help. Join us!

Benefits at RDX Works

33 days of holiday per year
Fully remote and flexible working
Equity options
Learning and development opportunities